Modern Calligraphy w/ Peabody Calligraphy 10/5/19

Modern Calligraphy w/ Peabody Calligraphy 10/5/19


Join us at Print St. Pete Community Letterpress on Saturday, October 5th 2019 for Modern Calligraphy for the Beginner with instructor, Amber Moore, of Peabody Calligraphy.

This three-hour workshop is designed for beginners, and will introduce students to modern calligraphy. The class will begin with a brief lesson on faux calligraphy which will provide a foundation for learning letterforms and teach students an option for writing calligraphy on alternative surfaces. Then we will dive into creating calligraphy with a pointed pen. There’s no need to be intimidated; we’ll take it step-by-step and help you along the way. Students will learn to set up their pens and the mechanics of how to hold the pen and vary pressure to achieve the hallmark thin and thick strokes that give calligraphy its beautiful, distinct look. Students will learn how to use both straight and oblique holders. Tips and tricks, troubleshooting, instructions for how to care for your supplies, and ideas for future practice are also included. No experience is required, and remember- good penmanship is not necessary to learn calligraphy!

$75 + $35 supply fee ($110 total). $35 Supply fee includes: instructional packet with exemplars and guide sheets (paper and electronic copy), 2 pen holders, nibs, sumi ink, practice paper, gel pen (for faux calligraphy) and a gift bag to carry your goodies home.

Pre-registration & payment are required to reserve your spot.

Instructor: Amber Moore, Peabody Calligraphy @peabodycalligraphy /

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